Services of Jan Veassen

The services of Jan Vaessen Facilitation

The facilitation of business meetings is Jan Vaessen’s core business. Whether it is a brainstorming session lasting two hours or a four-day conference: Jan Vaessen keeps the meeting moving smoothly and makes sure you achieve your results. You provide the substantive content and Jan Vaessen focuses on the organisation and the process. The result is a successful session.

Clear agreements in advance

An effective meeting depends on sound preparation. So you talk to Jan Vaessen in advance. Together, you discuss:

  • the goals you want to achieve with the meeting
  • the techniques you want to use
  • who will be invited and their role in the process
  • what must be discussed, and what not
  • the approach to reporting.

Process supervision with substance

Once the meeting starts, Jan Vaessen guides the entire process at both the organisational and substantive levels:

  • He chairs the meeting, makes it clear what the aims are and explains what is expected from everyone.
  • He facilitates the discussions by putting forward statements for discussion, asking critical questions, drawing out assumptions and stating conclusions.
  • He solves problems by summarising opinions, analysing situations, clearing up confusion and establishing consensus.
  • He makes sure that everyone gets a chance, that they can make their contributions and assume their responsibilities in a motivated way.
  • He keeps an eye on the agenda and the timetable, and makes sure that all the practicalities are well managed.
  • He makes clear agreements with the participants about actions required after the meeting.

Boosters and more

Jan Vaessen’s services come together in three “boosters”:

  • Project Booster
    facilitation for meetings for the start-up, tune-up and turn-around of projects
  • Capability Booster
    training-on-the-job for project teams and project leaders.
  • Change Booster
    facilitation of meetings where teamwork is a central element.

It goes without saying you can turn to Jan Vaessen for issues not covered by these boosters. In that case, you are welcome to contact him.