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Project BoosterProject Booster

  • You are starting a project and you need a project plan.
  • You have a project plan, but you want to know more about the associated risks and how to counter them.
  • The members of your project team are not delivering enough output. How can you motivate them to assume their responsibility?
  • Your project is going nowhere. You are wondering what direction to take.

Some questions you may encounter as a project leader. Of course, you can tackle them alone, but a good project depends on teamwork. Jan Vaessen helps you by facilitating the right meeting at the right time. A meeting that produces the desired result: a project plan, a risk analysis, a new strategy or a better team spirit.

Start-up, tune-up and turn-around

Every project breaks down into various phases. With the Project Booster, Jan Vaessen can help you in every phase:

  • During the start-up, Jan Vaessen facilitates meetings where you join forces with your team to produce a project plan. You will also analyse the possible risks and decide how to deal with them. By identifying these risks as early as possible, you save a lot of time later in the project. You also avoid unrealistic expectations and disappointments later.
  • Once the project has got going, it is important to maintain the drive. The kick that the launch gives subsides after a while and the focus on the objectives blurs. This is the time for a tune-up meeting. Jan Vaessen facilitates it for you. The main aim of this meeting is to get everybody reading from the same page. And to motivate the team so that they get back to work with renewed vigour. You decide together about the form the meeting should take.
  • Despite sound preparations, your project can still get bogged down: you seem to be making almost no progress and your goals look out of reach. Jan Vaessen helps you with the turn-around. In a joint team meeting, you analyse where things have gone wrong and make an assessment of the best way forward: do you change your plan or start from scratch? Of course, this also implies a risk analysis. Jan Vaessen allows you to reach a decision supported by all the members of the team.

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