Change Booster

Change BoosterChange Booster

You sometimes have to work together with a group of people to achieve goals, not just in projects but also in other settings. The Change Booster will strengthen this teamwork and encourage interaction between the people involved. Jan Vaessen facilitates meetings where the central focus is on exchanges. Meetings that encourage people to commit to a joint objective. To make a contribution and to assume responsibility.

From teambuilding to brainstorming

Examples of meetings of this kind include:

  • An away day for a department that wishes to formulate a shared mission, vision and strategy.
  • A network meeting for a university that wishes to involve the corporate sector in its research.
  • A brainstorming session for a research institute that wants to generate innovative ideas in collaboration with creative thinkers from the worlds of industry, culture and government.

A completely different question?

Change Booster has no limitations. Whatever question or requirement you may have, Jan Vaessen will discuss it with you. You are welcome to contact him this very day.