Capability Booster

Capability BoosterCapability Booster

Your organisation wants projects to deliver the right results faster and more effectively. Of course, it is possible to send your project leaders on courses. However, Jan Vaessen’s Capability Booster offers you much more than that. It includes four elements:

1. Training on a team basis
The Capability Booster focuses on existing projects in your organisation. As soon as the project starts, you call in Jan Vaessen. He facilitates a number of meetings, as he does with the Project Booster. At the same time, he teaches the teams how they can achieve the desired results themselves during these meetings. For example, he trains them to work together better, to formulate goals and risks, and to adopt a result-driven approach. This means you kill two birds with one stone: your projects are perfectly facilitated and are more productive. And your employees acquire more professional skills, optimising future projects.

2. Coaching for project leaders
The Capability Booster also focuses on the project leaders in your organisation. They receive individual coaching from Jan Vaessen, learning to think better about how they work, to experiment with new behaviours, to take a more pro-active approach and to be more confident in their approach to work. The process concludes with an assessment and an in-depth interview. If the project leaders complete this component successfully, they may qualify, if they wish, for official certification as project managers. This coaching programme is based on the IPMA International Competence Base.

3. Establishing communities of practice
Independently of the coaching and training, project leaders can also learn a lot from one another. So Jan Vaessen also sets up communities of practice. These are networks of project leaders in a single organisation who work at the same location. They meet once a month to discuss the problems they run up against in their projects. On each occasion, they look at specific topics, sometimes with input from a speaker from inside or outside the organisation. Jan Vaessen helps to establish these communities and provides input to enrich working methods, after which the communities move forward under their own steam.

4. Deployment of change agents
The last element of the Capability Booster is the deployment of change agents. These are consultants within the organisation who can provide project leaders with support when required. They can, for example, facilitate meetings or help to make risk analyses. The change agents provide ongoing encouragement for the new working methods you want to introduce with the Capability Booster. Jan Vaessen trains the agents; they develop further in their own networks.

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