What do his clients say about Jan Vaessen?

Someone who has facilitated as many meetings as Jan Vaessen can look back on a range of satisfied clients. You can find out below why they also recommend Jan Vaessen’s services to you.

Dr. Jan Maat, Managing Director, TI Food and Nutrition

“At the Top Institute Food and Nutrition, we work a lot with interdisciplinary project teams. They include people from a range of research institutes, who work together on producing concrete results for our partners in the corporate sector. We like to call in Jan Vaessen during the start-up phase for these teams, as well as for strategy and motivation sessions. I can recommend him to anybody because he has so many strengths.

Jan Vaessen makes sure that teams mould into a unit because everybody in the team has the same goals in mind. He also boosts the teamwork by making sure that justice is done to everybody’s contribution and allowing the teams to build on that basis. As a scientist, Jan knows exactly what drives the members of the team and what sort of work has to be done. And his business experience means that he also knows what is expected in terms of results. That is why he gets together with the teams to define clear milestones and decision times. And he gives them the motivation to get straight to work.”

Harrie Banken, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Unilever

“I worked with Jan to prepare and execute the kick-off of an implementation project related to the specifications and artwork for all our Food and Refreshment products in Europe. In a few sessions, we prepared a two-half-day kick-off workshop, bringing together some forty representatives from all the Disciplines, Categories and Countries concerned, and had them working together effectively in various syndicate sessions to come up with an aligned process for the execution process, assigned leaders to the various Categories and Countries, and produced an initial timetable with timing. This workshop was an essential basis for subsequent work and collaboration in this extended team.”

Van-Anh Phan, PhD Candidate, Wageningen University

“Jan facilitated our ‘Experts Workshop for Food Intake Bayesian network’, where twenty scientists got together to build a directed graph containing relevant variables influencing meal termination. Jan was highly efficient in getting things done, and made this workshop very fruitful. As a young researcher, I was inspired by his excellent approach to leading and facilitating a scientific event.”

Paul Whitehouse, Operations and Strategy Manager, Unilever

“Jan supported me in the development and facilitation of a workshop to develop the global strategy for my function. He provided me with excellent coaching and support in the design of the workshop. During delivery he was a great facilitator – he guided the leadership team to an outcome that we all believe in and are committed to deliver.

Jan is a hard-working and experienced professional. He takes the time to fully understand clients’ needs and circumstances, prepares work thoroughly and has top-class facilitation skills.”