Jan Vaessen’s co-facilitators

Are you looking for several facilitators at the same time? With different areas of expertise? This option is available. Jan Vaessen works together with the following co-facilitators and their organisations:

Nel MostertNel Mostert – Mostert Consultancy for Creativity and Innovation Management (MCCIM)

MCCIM is the company of Nel Mostert, with whom Jan Vaessen has been working since 2000. They were colleagues at Unilever and worked together on the facilitation of a large number of meetings and workshops. Jan Vaessen focuses primarily on an analytical and pragmatic approach; Nel Mostert specialises more in creativity. So they complement each other excellently. They have also worked together on the development of a number of tools and approaches, including the Project Management Learning-on-the-Job Approach.

You can find more information about Nel Mostert and MCCIM on

Tim ColijnTim Colijn – Engaging Leadership

Tim Colijn is a partner at the Engaging Leadership Group, and like Jan actively involved in the Engaging Projects formula. As an organisational psychologist, Tim specialises in (team) collaboration, negotiation and conflict management. Apart from their joint work in Engaging Leadershop, Jan and Tim regularly work together in facilitating sessions with complex, mult-stakeholder interest, and in coaching senior project leaders.

You can find more information about Tim Colijn and Engaging Leadership on (in Dutch).

Nanneke de FouwNanneke de Fouw – De Fouw Consult-in-Action

De Fouw Consult-in-Action is Nanneke de Fouw’s company. Nanneke de Fouw is an experienced project manager in the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and a certified team facilitator. Jan and Nanneke regularly co-facilitate sessions in the field of, for example, idea generation and project management. They collaborated recently on a project for the Top Institute Food & Nutrition.

Go here for Nanneke de Fouw’s LinkedIn profile.

Niels FlachNiels Flach – Innovatie (Be)Denken en Doen (IBDD)

IBD is the company of Niels Flach, an associate of the Engaging Leadership group. Niels is a consultant specialising in innovation and process management, and he has a track record in the world of tripartite collaboration (industry-university-government). Jan and Niels share a passion for challenging Research & Development, and have worked together on, for example, the facilitation of scientific debates.

You can find more information about Niels Flach and IBDD on